sheet fed, half web, full web and the whole shebang

In a perfect world, your printer could produce any job beautifully, quickly and at a bargain price. Fortunately, thanks to their remarkable breadth of capability, there is one printer that comes pretty close.

What most printers refer to as a pressroom is more accurately termed a press arena at printwell printing in taylor, michigan. in this busy plant, heidelberg sheet fed offset presses, heidelberg heat set webs and everything in between fill nearly 160,000 square feet of space – and they run non-stop, 24 hours a day, six days a week.

In 2007 alone, this versatile company produced more than 5,000 jobs for 2,000+ organizations, an accomplishment that demonstrates its remarkable versatility. this is good news for print buyers who have too many projects on their hands and too few hours in the day.

If there's one thing Printwell pressmen know better than their presses, it's color theory. Understanding the delicate interplay of ink, paper, man and machine is how award-winning printing is produced.

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